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On Sunday September 1st, 2019 the City of Newport will participate in the largest celebration of the year along with Cincinnati and Covington.  Such a large venue requires some regulations, such as: 

  1. DO NOT bring any beverages, or ALCOHOL of any type into the venue.  (Parents with infants may bring water, milk, or other simulated milk products.) 
  2. DO NOT bring any coolers, grills, tents, large umbrellas, or large chairs.
  3. DO NOT bring any roller-skates, rollerblades, scooters, motorized vehicles, or bicycles.
  4. DO NOT bring any type of PETS.
  5. DO NOT Park your vehicle illegally, or anywhere that you would not park it at any other given time (Such as: expressways, medians, road shoulders, entrance ramps, exit ramps, roadway, or no parking zones).
  6. DO NOT bring or fly any drones, remote controlled electronics, or any other flying objects.
  7. DO NOT bring any laser pointers or other light emitting devices.
  8. NO SOLICITING North of 4th St. without a ‘Special Riverfest Vendors License’ issued specifically for the event. 
  9. Plan on which side of the river you want to be on prior to 6:00 pm, which is when most of the road and bridge closures begin to occur.  Pedestrian traffic closes at 2:00 pm (Purple People Bridge) and 7:30 pm. (Taylor Southgate Bridge)
  10. Allow yourself plenty of time to arrive early due to limited parking and road closures.
  11. Plan for long delays when leaving the event due to a large amount of pedestrian and vehicular traffic.            
  12. Dress appropriately for the weather.
  13. Small children should consider wearing hearing protection.


Riverboat Row:                                                                     Closes at 8:00 AM


Columbia Street (North of 4th St):                                        Closes at 8:00 AM

Purple People Bridge: *CLOSES AUGUST 31ST                Closes at 8:00 AM
Purple People Bridge- ‘Pagan’s Path’:                                 Closes at 2:00 PM
Taylor Southgate Bridge (Vehicular):                                   Closes at 6:00 PM
Taylor Southgate Bridge (Pedestrians):                              Closes at 7:30 PM

Monmouth St 3rd St to 11th St:                                           Closes at 7:30 PM
Dave Cowens Dr:                                                               Closes at 7:30 PM
I-471 Ramps to Route 8 (Exit 5)                                         Closes at 7:30 PM
10th St between Saratoga and York:                                  Closes at 7:30 PM
4th Street Bridge:                                                                Closes at 8:30 PM
All Other I-471 Ramps                                                        Closes at 8:30 PM
Licking Pike (Route 9) North at Aspen Dr                          Closes at 9:00 PM
I-471 North will remain open during the event, unless the safety of motorists determines it needs to be closed. 

When Leaving the City of Newport
All traffic leaving the event is being routed to I-471 or I-275.  If you are directed to a route or direction that you are not wanting to take, please continue on the route as instructed, and once on the interstate, you can simply take any exit to get turned around if you need to. Due to street closures and the large amount of traffic, the direct route to your destination may not be available.  Both Interstates will take you anywhere in the tri-state area.  Please TURN OFF YOUR GPS while not on the interstate. 

                                           LT. CHRIS FANGMAN
                                          NEWPORT POLICE DEPARTMENT

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