Nearly $350K in Street and Park Improvements Approved

Wednesday, April 29, 2020


April 29, 2020

Tom Fromme
City Manager
City of Newport

NEWPORT, KY - Three streets and a park will be enhanced and repaired through nearly $350,000 in improvement projects unanimously approved by The Newport City Commission.

The city will spend $336,726.45 for the projects on Grandview Avenue, Fort Beech and Poplar Streets and the Mussman Park recreation complex, according to Newport Mayor Jerry Peluso.

"Infrastructure makes up the bones of a city, and the strength and condition of streets and parks are critical to the quality of life and to the continued economic progress and vitality of Newport," Mayor Peluso said. "I strongly believe that this ongoing work is crucial to both the current and future success of our great city."

Following are the projects funded by the City Commission.

Fort Beech Road and Poplar Street

The portion of Fort Beech Road that is in Newport was approved for repair in conjunction with the City of Southgate’s work to rebuild the street. The project to correct pavement deterioration is anticipated to begin shortly and will be completed within the month by Eaton Asphalt.

Poplar Street west of Joyce Street is also scheduled to be milled and resurfaced in conjunction with the work on Fort Beech Road. This portion of the project will also begin soon and require approximately two days to complete. Eaton Asphalt was also selected for this project.

Grandview Avenue Stabilization Project

A portion of Grandview Avenue between Central Avenue and McHenry Street will soon be under construction to correct a slide. The work will be performed by Sherzinger Drilling and consist of the installation of drilled shafts and some wood lagging to support Grandview Avenue. The project is anticipated to begin within a month and take 30 to 60 days to complete. Road closures and parking restrictions are likely during this time. This work is a continuation of past projects to stabilize various sections of Grandview Avenue, which is located on a hillside and has been prone to sliding. Engineering work for this project began last year in preparation for this needed repair.

Mussman Park

A project to repair the tennis and basketball courts at the popular recreation complex on the campus of Newport High School was approved by the commission after a long process to determine the correct level of repairs needed to restore the facility. JK Meurer was selected to complete this work, which is scheduled to begin soon. The project is anticipated to last 30-60 days. Work consists of repairing cracked surfaces, resurfacing and seal coating. Work has been in the planning stages for years as the city awaited the necessary funds to complete this important project. 

Newport City Manager Tom Fromme said the decision to fund the projects shows the City Commission's recognition that even as the community struggles with the restrictions and other difficulties of the COVID-19 virus, the important work of public improvements must go on.

"I want to thank the Board of Commissioners for their continuing commitment to maintain our infrastructure, especially during these difficult times," Fromme said.

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