Payment Due Dates for Businesses

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

During this time of urgency for companies and individuals conducting business in the City of Newport, be advised that the City is extending the payment due date for certain license filings. If possible, it is requested that the businesses still file the appropriate forms by the customary due dates, there will be no penalty for non-filing. The payment due date will be extended until July 15, 2020 for the following:

In an effort to assist the City forecast cash flows and assist in budget preparation, we are asking all affected businesses to file Occupational License Returns and Commercial License Rental Forms by April 15, 2020. Quarterly Payroll Returns and ABC Regulatory Returns to be filed by April 30, 2020. Again, there is zero penalty if this is not possible.

*The extended payment due date does not apply to third-party payroll providers.

If you have questions or concerns, you may contact the City via email or call 859-292-3660.

Click here to see an amended schedule of due dates for forms and payments.

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