Sixteenth St. Construction

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Crews from Michels Construction will soon be starting work along 16th Street to correct some storm water issues and to address cars speeding down 16th Street.  The project, which has been under design for some time now, will consist of some new catch basins and a series of piping improvements at the intersection of 16th and Monmouth.  As part of the project, an additional catch basin will be installed on 16th Street, approximately 270 feet west of 16th and Monmouth Street, to capture water that consistently flows down the street, freezes in the winter and makes this street hazardous to navigate.

In addition to these storm water improvements, two new speed humps will be installed along 16th Street at house numbers 21 and 47 to slow speeding traffic.  It is anticipated that these two speed humps will make the street much safer for the residents who reside, park or travel along it.

Unfortunately, parking restrictions will likely occur from time-to-time during this work and we ask for your cooperation so this work can be completed as quickly as possible.  We know parking is very limited along this street.  Every effort will be made by the contractor to limit the impact on the neighborhood’s parking during the construction phase.  We ask that you please watch for “NO PARKING” signs which will be posted in advance of the work.

Thank you for your cooperation during this project.

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