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Chief's Office

The Chief's Office oversees and directs the operation of all divisions within the Newport Police Department. The Chief's Secretary is responsible for the maintenance and archiving of all records, personnel files, and other documents within the Chief's Office.

"It is a goal of the Newport Police Department to serve all citizens and businesses with the utmost respect and dignity.  The direction given to Newport Police Officers’ is to treat everyone as if we are helping one of our own family members. While we strive to ensure the safety and well being of the public, we also continue to focus on providing a police service that is second to none.  As the city continuously develops, the Newport Police Department will prepare for and meet the expectations of all current and potential businesses and residents."

-Chief Christopher M. Fangman

Christopher Fangman
Chief of Police

Herschel Day
Assistant Chief of Police

Kim Colston
Chief's Secretary

Administration Division

The administration division, commanded by Captain Adam Brown, is the support services branch of the police department, responsible for various tasks that facilitate the overall functions of the agency. Comprised of  the Fiscal, Records, Accreditation, Crime Prevention, Special Events, and Training sections, this division handles the majority of the “behind the scenes” activities that keep the more visible divisions of the department operating smoothly. 

Records Section: The Records Section is the first point of contact for most people visiting the city building.  The staff greets visitors and directs inquiries to the appropriate office or Newport Police Officer.  The records staff process requests for information such as records checks, copies, and reports.  Data entry occurs within the records section of virtually all records generated by the Police Department, to include the following: Offense reports, accident reports, arrests, bar registrations, parking tickets and impound records. This section also works with the state regarding data quality of information submited to the FBI through the National Incident Based Reporting System (NIBRS).  Records clerks also assist other agencies in the management of the state-wide offense and arrest records database.

Fiscal Section: Responsible for overseeing the fiscal affairs of the Police Department. This includes but is not limited to payroll, purchasing and budget development/management.

Training Section: Schedules and conducts mandated continuing training for department members, maintains training records, and acts as a liaison between the Police Department and court system. 

Crime Prevention: Develops and organizes various agency crime prevention program

Accreditation: Responsible for maintenance of the KACP accreditation program, updating of policies and procedures, planning and grants management.  

Grant Management: Researches, develops, and writes grant proposals to fund departmental needs

Captain Adam Brown
Administration Division Commander

Veronica Zapata
Records Clerk

Criminal Investigations Division

The Criminal Investigations Division, commanded by Captain Kevin Drohan, is responsible for follow-up investigations of felony offenses, as well as a variety of preliminary investigations. The members of the division are available 24-hours per day to provide investigative assistance to the police department as well as other outside agencies.

Activities of the Criminal Investigations Division include:

• Investigations of major crimes and subsequent case preparation
• Processing of crime scenes and evidence management 
• Internal affairs investigations for officer accountability 
• Investigation of missing person cases
• Narcotics, human trafficking, and abuse cases

Captain Kevin Drohan
Criminal Investigations Division Commander

Detective Jason Gabbard

Detective Scott Wiggins

Detective Josh Zebell


Detective Larry Long

Detective Chris Boyd (Narcotics)

Crime Tip Line: 859.261.TIPS (8477)
Narcotics Tip Line: 859.655.2004

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Crime Tip Line

All calls will go to our voicemail which is monitored daily.  TIPS can be left 24-hours a day/7-days a week and are confidential and anonymous.  Newport residents are the eyes and ears of our great city and we encourage anyone requiring the assistance of the Newport Police Department to reach out.  In the event of an emergency always call 911 immediately!

Please remember...If you SEE something, SAY something!

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Community Services Division

The community services division, commanded by Captain Paul Kunkel, is a multidimensional, all-encompassing division of the police department directly responsible for improving quality of life issues within the community.  This division brings together residents, businesses, and city services every day to reach the common goal of city beautification, offering an exceptional quality of life.  The community service division is comprised of the Inter-Departmental Enforcement Team (IDENT), School Resource Officers programs (S.R.O.) and social services outreach section. 

• Coordinate city services to assist in regulation of rental, vacant, and neglected properties 
• Remove or reduce blight i.e., graffiti, shopping carts, abandoned vehicles, litter, etc.
• Organize and/or participate in community outreach projects i.e., Newport Night Out/Back to School Bash, Newport Trash Bash, School Supply Drive, etc.
• Work with Newport Independent School District to maintain a safe learning environment, and establish long lasting positive impressions of police officers
• Partner with residents and businesses in efforts to bring parking and speeding issues to an optimal solution
• Address persistent issues associated with animal and noise complaints
• Direct resources to address quality-of-life issues brought forth by Newport residents, businesses, or city staff

Captain Paul Kunkel
Community Services Division Commander

Officer Dimitri Baloglou High School Resource Officer

Officer Larry Hoppius Intermediate School Resource Officer

Officer Carla Jones Primary School Resource Officer

IDENT Specialist Robert Steffen

IDENT Officer Derick Dieters

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Patrol Division

The patrol division, commanded by Lieutenant Daron Arnberg, is the largest division within the Newport Police Department. This division provides uniformed officers, who respond to calls for service 24-hours a day/7-days a week. The patrol division is well known for providing traditional police services, i.e. crime suppression, collisions investigations, and assisting motorists. Newport is evolving into one of the most livable cities in Northern Kentucky. The men and women of the patrol division take pride in making Newport a safe and friendly community.

• Vigilant 'Community Oriented' patrols conducted by highly visible uniformed police officers in marked police cruisers for the prevention of crime
• Preservation of public order and observing for potential hazardous situations
• Response to calls for emergency and non-emergency services
• Investigation and reporting of crimes, traffic collisions, city conditions, and the arrests/prosecution of offenders
• Traffic direction and control
• Enforcement of city ordinances
• Reporting of information to appropriate organizational components

Lieutenant Daron Arnberg
Patrol Division Commander

Platoon Commanders

Lieutenant Brandon Haffey

Lieutenant Jeffrey Kohls

Lieutenant Kent Hall

Lieutenant Daniel Delaney

Platoon Supervisors

Sergeant Joshua Bucchi

Sergeant Brian Waldorf

Sergeant Adam Moeves

Sergeant Anthony Treller

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Specialty Units

Bicycle Patrol

The bicycle patrol program was established in 1993 and was the first program of its kind in the Tri-State area. The Newport Police Department is very proud of the bicycle patrol team as it has served as a model for other departments' bicycle patrol teams throughout the years. The bicycle team has been an integral part of the department's 'Community Policing', crime prevention, and crime interdiction strategy.  

The bicycle team participates in many community events such as: National Night Out, Newport Annual Bike Rodeo, Newport Citizen’s Police Academy and various parades. Newport bicycle officers enjoy community outreach as they provide instruction demonstrations to school and social/civic groups.

Canine Unit

The canine unit was implemented June 1, 1993 and has been a very effective and active unit. The canine unit performs tasks such as building searches, crowd control, tracking, locating both criminals and evidence, and the detection of illegal drugs. The unit is very active in the community by conducting demonstrations for local organizations and schools. The canine unit has apprehended numerous criminals and seized significant quantities of narcotics since its inception.

Chaplains Program

The chaplains program began in August 1986 as a result of a recognized need seen by our department and an interest brought forth by several local clergy persons. The program is aimed at providing a clergy counseling service to both the police and civilian community. It involves a select group of clergy who are provided the essential guidelines in handling emergency matters such as: death notifications, aggravated domestic problems, attempted suicides, etc. This service provides a responsible, denominationally endorsed member of the clergy who is available to assist police when requested.

Field Training Program

The field training program is an integral part of the total selection process of a police officer. After graduation from the Department of Criminal Justice Training academy, recruits must successfully complete the field training program. The program is designed to produce officers who can work by themselves in a safe, skillful, and professional manner. The field training program lasts for 14 weeks. The recruit must ride with several different field training officers (F.T.O.). The F.T.O. evaluates the recruit’s performance based on approved criteria. Once the recruit officer successfully completes the field training program, he/she is certified to ride “solo”.

Lieutenant Jeffrey Kohls
F.T.O. Coordinator

Sergeant Joshua Bucchi
F.T.O. Supervisor

Firearms Training Officers

The Firearms Officers provide firearms training, along with Defensive Tactics training, to all members of the department. They develop training programs, qualification courses and maintain training records. The Firearms Training Unit provided training to all Newport police officers. This program consists of: Use of force policies, handgun and shotgun training, stress management, decision making skills, firearms safety, PR-24 and ASP baton training and defensive tactics. The department partners with the Kentucky League of Cities for the use of their Firearm Decision Making Skills (FATS) equipment to assist in our training.

The Newport Police Department firing range is open to all officers in Northern Kentucky. The agencies that used our facilities include: Campbell County Police Department, Campbell County Sheriff’s Office, U.S. Marshall’s Office, Ft. Thomas, Wilder, Dayton, Southgate and Falmouth Police Department.

Members of the Newport Citizens Police Academy were also given a period of instruction on firearms. They were then allowed to participate in practical exercises involving the FATS system, as well as live-fire exercises with the Glock 19 handgun and Remington 870 shotgun.

Honor Guard

The Honor Guard was formed in 1999, and is charged with commemorating the past, present and future of the Newport Police Department.  The unit performs at numerous ceremonies that include colors presentation, 21-gun salutes, funeral details, and military memorial services.  The honor guard has received many commendations from the public and continues to receive requests for upcoming events.  The honor guard is committed to preserving the proud heritage and traditions of the Newport Police Department

Newport S.W.A.T. Team

The Newport S.W.A.T. team is comprised of Newport Police Officers who receive specialized training to prepare for high-risk situations. S.W.A.T. team members are highly trained to use advanced, non-conventional tactics to resolve high-risk situations. Officers assigned to the S.W.A.T. team are carefully selected and must meet and maintain mandatory criteria standards of law enforcement experience, physical fitness, and firearms proficiency.

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Police Officers with McGruff mascot at National Night Out 2013

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