Finance Department

The Finance Department handles city taxes, licensing, AP & AR.

The department is comprised of a Director of Finance, the License Inspector/ABC Administrator, a staff accountant, two administrative assistants, and one part time position. When you visit the second floor of the city building to inquire about or pay taxes a member of this department will respond to assist you. The Finance Department can be reached by calling 859.292.3660. 

Occupational Licenses

Occupational Licenses are issued for the period of July 1 to June 30 with renewals due by April 15 of each year. First time applicants use form CN-2 Application for Occupational License and those renewing an occupational license use form CN-16 Renewal of Occupational License. Downloads are available at the right.

Occupational Licenses are also required for Commercial Rental properties. First time applicants with commercial rental properties use form CN-2C Application for Commercial Rental Licenses and those renewing a commercial rental license use form CN-18 Renewal of Occupational License for Commercial Rental Property. Downloads are available at the right. For general information on Occupational Licenses please call 859.292.3660 or you may email

Rental Dwelling License

A license is required for anyone to rent or occupy a rental dwelling. Even those property owners who live in one unit and rent the second unit of a two-family dwelling need to obtain a Rental Dwelling License. First time applicants use form CN-25 Application for Rental Dwelling License and those renewing a rental dwelling license use form CN-17 Renewal of Rental Dwelling License. Downloads are available at the right. Renewals are due by October 15 of each year. If you have questions about Rental Dwelling Licenses please call 859.292.3660 or email

Payroll Taxes

The Payroll Tax Rate is 2.5% of Gross wages earned in the City of Newport. These payments are required from the employer quarterly and due thirty days after the quarter end. Annual reconciliations are due by February 28. The City does recognize the FICA limit (which is $132,900 for 2019). For information on Payroll Taxes please call 859.292.3660.

Alcohol Licenses

In addition to State Licenses, businesses selling alcohol in Newport (whether retail or by the drink) are required to obtain a City Alcohol License. City licenses are issued from December 1 to November 30 and renewals are due by November 1. Remember that in order to obtain your State License, you will need to first apply for your City License using form CN-3 and have the City ABC Administrator sign your State Application form. For Special Temporary Licenses, the State will require proof of your City License at least five days prior to the event, so please remember to apply for your City Temporary License well in advance of your special event. It may take up to thirty days to obtain a City Alcohol License (provided there are no unusual circumstances.) Download form CN-3STL at the right to apply for an alcohol license from the City. If you have questions please contact our ABC Administrator, Mr. Bramel, at 859.655.6343 or you may email

Bar IDs are required for all employees serving alcohol except for those waitstaff whose primary function is serving food. The fee for a Bar ID is $42. Please contact the Newport Police to initiate the background check for this process. Contact 859.292.3680 for questions about Bar IDs.

Property Taxes

City tax bills are mailed each year by late September. These bills include the property taxes levied by the City and by the Newport Board of Education. The bills are payable on or before October 31st and are considered delinquent if they are postmarked after that date. For your convenience, the City typically extends the Finance & Administration hours for the collection of tax payments during the last days of October. A penalty of 10% is added to late bills and interest on delinqent bills accrues at 6% per annum (0.5% per month). The City mails bills to the property owner of record as of January 1. If your taxes are paid through an escrow account, it is your responsibility to forward a copy of the bill to your mortgage company and you as the owner will be held responsible for any delinquent fees.

Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable

If you have questions please contact the Finance Department at 859.292.3660. Our mailing address is: City of Newport, 998 Monmouth, Newport, KY 41071. We are located on the 2nd floor of the City Building (at the north-west corner of 10th and Monmouth, this is a red brick building, the same as the fire house.) Regular office hours are Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. and we are closed on federal holidays.

Financial Transparency

Newport's Fiscal and Budget Transparency Tool, OpenGov allows you to access full financial data on easy-to-understand charts and graphs, in just a few clicks. To learn more before you start to explore, check out our overview page for tips.

Yard Sale Permits

Yard sale permits are limited to two per year, per person, or per address for the period of July 1 to June 30. There is a $10 permit fee. Permits are issued on a rain or shine basis.

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