Newport Fire Department

Fire Department HQ on 10th Street

Newport Fire/EMS Contact Information

Headquarters 859-292-3616 
Headquarters Fax 859-292-3636 
Officer In Charge 859-292-3612 
Fire Chief 859-292-3615 
Newport South Station 859-292-3631

Fire Chief

Acting Chief Randy Childress can be reached at 859-292-3615. 

Mission Statement

The mission of the Newport Fire/EMS Department is to protect the citizens within the City of Newport from injury and loss of life and/or property due to natural or man-made disasters by providing highly trained and equipped personnel to respond to incidents of fire, flood, chemical release and medical emergencies within a three-minute response time after notification.

Who Are We?

The Newport Fire/EMS Department is a municipally operated fire department that provides both fire and EMS services to the citizens of Newport. Today, our staff consists of a fire chief, an administrative assistant, and 36 career personnel, who staff 3 shifts with 12 personnel per shift.

When Did We Begin Service?

The Newport Fire/EMS Department has served the ever-growing City of Newport since 1854 when the first volunteer fire company was established through incorporation. The Fire Department has been an all career department since 1868 when the City of Newport passed an ordinance that created the first steam fire engine company.

Where Are We Located?

Newport Fire/EMS operates out of two stations within the city. The department headquarters, located at 998 Monmouth Street, is attached to the Newport city building. Our second station is located in the southern end of the city at 171 Main Street and operates a single engine company. Our stations are staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

What is Our Coverage Area?

Newport, Kentucky is a small river front community consisting of 7828 homes with an approximate residential population of 17,048. There are 752 businesses that operate within the 3.5 square miles that the city occupies. Newport also provides fire protection to the neighboring city of Woodlawn, Kentucky. Newport is bordered by the cities of: Bellevue, Covington, Dayton, Ft. Thomas, Southgate, Wilder, Woodlawn, and Cincinnati, OH. Newport Fire/EMS is a member of the Northern Kentucky Mutual Aid Contract providing additional resources to these surrounding cities when necessary.

What is in Our Coverage Area?

In our primary response area, there are 8 schools with a total an enrollment of 3,364 students in grades pre-school thru high school, along with a small private college with approximately 100 students. There are 9 day-care centers, and 1 assisted living/nursing home with approximately 190 patients. Our response area also includes railroads, the Ohio River, the Licking River, interstate I-471, 2 vital bridges crossing to Cincinnati, the Campbell County Courthouse and jail, a U.S. Post Office Branch, Trauth Dairy Incorporated, along with various commercial structures. There are three major tourist attractions located in the city, “The Newport Aquarium”, “Newport on the Levee” entertainment complex, and The World Peace Bell and Millennium Monument, which together attract over 3,000,000 people annually. Recently completed is the first stage of South Shore, a 22-story luxury condo complex located on Riverboat Row.

What does the future hold?

Currently there are several land developments in progress across the City of Newport. The Newport Pavilion development is located on Grand Avenue along side of I-471. With Kroger Marketplace and Target already completed, this development is currently in progress and when finished will include many additional restaurants and other retail space. Development continues on the riverfront with the completion of SouthShore and Vue180. 

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How Many Runs Do We Make?

2012 Activity
Total Runs 5,126
Total Fire Responses 1,571
Total Emergency Medical Responses 3,555
Total Fire Prevention Inspections 875
Total Public Education Classes/Tours 202
Total Training Conducted for Fire/EMS Personnel 291 Classes

2011 Activity
Total Runs 4,875
Total Fire Responses 1,478
Total Emergency Medical Responses 3,397
Total Fire Prevention Inspections 895
Total Public Education Classes/Tours 70
Total Training Conducted for Fire/EMS Personnel 332 Classes

2010 Activity
Total Runs 4,812
Total Fire Responses 1,494
Total Emergency Medical Responses 3,318
Total Fire Prevention Inspections 1,198
Total Public Education Classes/Tours 70
Total Training Conducted for Fire/EMS Personnel 5,431 Hours

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