Fire Prevention and Public Education

Fire Prevention

Fire Inspections for Businesses

The City of Newport Fire/EMS Department is committed in keeping our local businesses and their employees safe while they serve the public. We do this by performing bi-annual fire safety inspections of all local businesses in the City of Newport. By performing these inspections, the Newport Fire/EMS Department reduces the everyday hazards of the workplace, lowers insurance rates for our businesses, and increases the safety of their customers and clients.

Fire Inspections for Residences

In addition to protecting local businesses, the Newport Fire/EMS Department will also perform fire safety inspections on multi-family structures as well as on private residences upon request from the occupants. To request an inspection please call 292-3616.

Life Safety

With the arrival of Newport on the Levee, the riverfront on Third Street became a booming entertainment district. These businesses bring in large crowds of people increasing the danger of incident. The Newport Fire/EMS Department conducts Life Safety assessments during the more active hours of business to ensure the safety of the public. Our uniformed firefighters can be seen walking through the Levee on such occasions checking for potential hazards. Come say hello, we will be glad to talk to you.


For any questions concerning fire code information call 292-3616 and ask for  Assistant Chief Scott Kohrs or Lieutenant Eric Herman, our Fire Prevention officers. For any questions regarding building code information please call The City of Newport Code Enforcement Office at 292-3637 or 292-3638.

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Public Education

Our Goal is Your Safety

The Newport Fire/EMS Department is dedicated to protecting the lives and property of its citizens not only by means of rescue, but also by educating our citizens about fire safety. Our number one goal is life safety and by providing the public with proper safety precautions, we can reduce the number of household dangers.

Firehouse Tours

Newport Fire/EMS Department will provide Firehouse tours to the public upon request. You will be able to see how, day-to-day, our firefighters spend a 24-hour shift on the job. Come see where we live every third day serving the City of Newport.

Fire Safety Classes

Fire safety presentations are available upon request to the public and local businesses. Our personnel will provide you with ways to keep you and your surroundings safe from everyday hazards. For more information call 292-3616.

Fire Prevention Month

Every October is Fire Prevention Month and the Newport Fire/EMS Department provides fire prevention education to all of the local schools during this month. Students will learn basic fire safety including escape routes, household dangers, and using 911.

For any questions, please contact our Pulic Education officer Lieutenant Chris Holmes at 292-3616.

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Knox Box Information

In the event of an emergency, the Newport Fire/EMS strives to provide the best and most timely service possible. To aid in delivery of this service, the City of Newport has adopted:

City Ordinance 90.20 Key Lock Box System

City Ordinance 90.10 Lock Sprinkler Cap System

The official ordinances can be found under  Title IX: General Regulations, Chapter 90 of the Newport Municipal Code.

These ordinances are required for all newly constructed businesses and are recommended for all existing businesses or residents. The Knox Company is the only provider of lock boxes and locking sprinkler caps used by the City of Newport. These boxes are keyed exclusively to the Newport Fire/EMS department and only a senior officer of the department can order a secure key. This key allows access to Knox Box products by on duty fire department personnel. This enables our personnel to gain entry in an emergency without causing damage to the property. The key box system saves a tremendous amount of time, money, and damage by allowing entry to the building without delay.

To order products:
1.Go to
2.Select the product line. 3200 Series for less than 10 keys or 4100 series for more than 10 keys. Select the color and mounting style.
3.For a sprinkler cap lock, select Model 5002 for 5" connections, or Model 3043 for 2 1/2" connections.
4.Add the product to your cart.
5.Fill out the information for the installation address
6.Create an account or login
7.Enter the shipping and billing address
8.Select payment method.
9.An email will be sent notifying the fire department of the purchase and installation address. Call Newport Fire/EMS when the product arrives. A fire department representative will meet with you to help determine a mounting location and to unlock the device for key placement.

For any questions concerning fire code information call 292-3616 and ask for Assistant Chief Scott Kohrs or Lieutenant Eric Herman, our Fire Prevention officers. For any questions regarding building code information please call Newport Code Enforcement at 859-292-3637.

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