Economic Development


The City Manager's Office oversees all Economic Development in the City of Newport. Several innovative business and development incentive programs exist for new and existing businesses facilitated by the Development Services Department and the Historic Preservation Office.  As a point of introduction, many incentive programs are listed below.  If interested or have any questions, please call the City Manager's Office at (859) 292-3666. 

Business & Development Incentives

The City of Newport IDEA Program was created in 2020 to enhance the business climate for entrepreneurs, small businesses, startups and travelling professionals and to meet the needs of the new economy, while spurring investment in vacant properties. Property owners/lessors may receive up to a 40% reimbursement of city payroll taxes generated by employees of eligible businesses locating in a newly rehabbed, previously vacant property. The reimbursement will be paid annually to the property owner for up to 5 years. Tax reimbursements must be used to assist with either tenant finish or rent reduction.

View Guidelines for the IDEA Program (PDF). Pursuant to Section 37.37.315 of the Newport City Code of Ordinances, in order to determine eligibility for this program, a company must complete, sign and submit an IDEA Application (PDF) to the Office of the City Manager. For more information, email Bev Holiday, Community Liaison.