Licenses & Permits

Occupational Licenses

Who needs an occupational license in the City of Newport? 

Every person, association, corporation, or other business entity engaging in an occupation, business, trade, or profession is required to file and pay occupational license tax.  This also includes rental property, sole proprietorships, partnerships, and corporations. 

How do I obtain or renew an occupational license? 

Occupational Licenses are issued for the period of July 1 to June 30 with renewals due by April 15 of each year. First time applicants use form CN-2 Application for Occupational License (PDF) and those renewing an occupational license use form CN-16 Renewal of Occupational License Period 23-24 (PDF)

Occupational Licenses are also required for Commercial Rental properties. First-time applicants with commercial rental properties use form CN-18 Renewal of Occupational License for Commercial Rental Property (PDF).CN-2C Application for Commercial Rental Licenses (PDF) and those renewing a commercial rental license use form CN-18 Renewal of Occupational License for Commercial Rental Property (PDF). 

For general information on Occupational Licenses please call 859-292-3660, or you may email us your licensing questions.

Rental Dwelling License

Who needs a rental dwelling license? 

A rental dwelling license is required for anyone to rent or occupy a rental dwelling including property owners who live in one unit and rents the other units. 

How do I obtain or renew a rental dwelling license? 

First-time applicants use form CN-25 Application for Rental Dwelling License (PDF), and those renewing a rental dwelling license use form CN-17 Renewal of Rental Dwelling License (PDF). Renewals are due by October 15 of each year. 

If you have questions about Rental Dwelling Licenses please call 859-292-3660, or email us your licensing questions.

Alcohol Licenses

Who needs a City Alcohol License? 

In addition to a State alcohol license, any business selling alcohol in Newport are required to obtain a City alcohol license.  City licenses are issued from December 1 to November 30 and renewals are due by November 1. 

You must apply for your City Alcohol License before your State Alcohol License. 

In order to obtain your State License, you will need to first apply for your City License using Form CN-3 (PDF) and have the City Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) Administrator sign your State Application form. 

How to obtain a Temporary Alcohol License for an event? 

For Special Temporary Licenses, the State will require proof of your City License at least five days prior to the event, so please remember to apply for your City Temporary License well in advance of your special event. It may take up to 30 days to obtain a City Alcohol License (provided there are no unusual circumstances). Use Form CN-3STL (PDF) to apply for an alcohol license from the City. 

If you have questions please contact our ABC Administrator at 859-655-6343, or you may email us your licensing questions.

How do I obtain Bar IDs for my employees? 

Bar IDs are required for all employees serving alcohol except for those waitstaff whose primary function is serving food. The fee for a Bar ID is $42. 

Please contact the Newport Police to initiate the background check for this process. Contact 859-292-3680 for questions about Bar IDs.

Yard Sale Permits

Yard sale permits are limited to two per year, per person, or per address for the period of July 1 to June 30. There is a $10 permit fee. Permits are issued on a rain or shine basis. Download the Yard Sale Permit Application (PDF).