How do I obtain a vacation check?

If you would like for the police to help keep watch on your house while you are on vacation or away for an extended period on business, request a vacation house check.

Simply fill out a form (PDF) and provide as much information as possible and the patrol officers will make an extra effort to keep an eye on your home while you are away. It is helpful to list the dates you will leave and return, in what areas of the house or what outside lights you will leave on or have on timers, a mobile phone number or the number where you will be staying, what cars will be left in the driveway, details of anyone that will be entering the home while you are gone (such as someone tending your pets or doing repair work), and if you have had a recent break in or have specific cause for concern. If you have an alarm company, you may wish to notify them that you will be out of town. Remember to place a hold on your mail and newspaper deliveries while you are away or ask a trusted neighbor you know well to collect and hold your mail until you return.

View the Vacation House Check Request form (PDF). You may also pick up a copy of the vacation check form during regular office hours (Monday through Friday from 8 am until 4:30 pm) at the Police Department.

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