Building Department

The Building Department is responsible for all building permits, review of submitted plans, issue of permits, and inspections to assure compliance with all applicable building codes.  Most building permits are processed within fourteen business days. 


How do I apply for Building and Zoning Permits? 

Through Newport's Building Portal you can receive instructions and apply online for the following permits:

  • 1-2 Family Zoning / Building Application
  • Commercial Zoning / Building Application
  • 1-2 Family HVAC Application
  • Commercial HVAC Application
  • Electrical Permit Application.  

Hard copy submittals will still be accepted via the drop box at the Newport City Building or by mail: 

City of Newport
Attn: Code Enforcement Division
998 Monmouth Street
Newport, KY 41071

What if I still need help? 

Our staff will is available to assist with the application process.  If you cannot access the online portal for any reason or require other assistance, please contact us at (859) 292-3637 or email Customer Service.



The Historic Preservation Office is here to serve all the neighborhoods of Newport.

Any time you have questions, feel free to contact the Historic Preservation office at 859-655-6347.