Winter Weather

When winter weather events come our way, our Public Works Crew is hard at work for you!Salt Loading

  • Hospital routes and the hills in the city are the first to be treated.
  • Flat areas such as the basin area of the city are the second streets to be treated.
  • Side streets and secondary routes are the third streets to be treated.

All streets in the city are treated in this priority order. No streets are skipped. Alleys are not treated.

The priority is keeping hospital routes open so that ambulances have safe passage in the event of emergency. The next priority is safety on the hills in the city.

We are always prepared with 900 tons of salt. At times, we use salt that has been treated with beet juice, which has a brown appearance. This works at lower temperatures and increases the ability to remove accumulating snow all the way down to the road surface because the treated salt prevents packing and sticking.

Thank you for your patience and support! We appreciate our residents continuing to use caution and good safety practices and looking out for neighbors during severe weather events.