Police Memorial

James Edgar

Officer James Edgar was shot and killed at 8th and Monmouth Streets on November 13, 1884. Officer Edgar and his partner discovered a burglary in progress and were attempting to arrest the burglars when a fight ensued. One of the burglars drew a pistol and shot the officer. The gunmen escaped.

Christopher Kolhoven

Sergeant Christopher Kolhoven was shot and killed on July 11, 1917. He was affecting the arrest of three soldiers accused of theft when a fourth soldier arrived and demanded their release. Upon being advised that he too was under arrest, the fourth soldier fired at and killed the officer. The soldier was tried in federal court and later acquitted, claiming self-defense.

Anthony Siemon

Officer Anthony Siemon was stabbed on March 24, 1924. In the course of arresting an individual for fighting, the officer was stabbed by a second individual who had come to the arrestee's aid. Officer Siemon wounded his assailant with his service revolver and both men were taken into custody. Officer Siemon succumbed to his wound after 23 days. Both suspects were found guilty in a subsequent trial.

August "Gus" Schoo

Officer August "Gus" Schoo was shot and killed on the sidewalk in front of 328 Washington Street on June 6, 1930. The officer was killed by a prohibition agent who had turned to a life of crime. The gunman was later killed trying to rob a bank in Illinois.

Stanley "Tex" Pitakos

Officer Stanley "Tex" Pitakos was shot and killed on October 16, 1958, at Fourth and York Streets. Officer Pitakos was shot by a suspect that had just robbed a jewelry and loan company. The gunman was shot and killed by other officers on the scene.

Anthony Jansen

Officer Anthony Jansen was accidentally shot and killed on December 30, 1984, while responding to a report of a prowler in the 700 block of York Street.

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